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  • #1 UW-Whitewater to Host #14 Wabash in Second Round of D3 Football Playoffs
    The Warhawks are on to the second round of the Division 3 Football Playoffs, and UWW-TV has you covered! The #1 ranked Warhawks of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater will welcome the #14 ranked Little Giants of Wabash College. Kick off is slated for 12:00pm CDT. LIVE coverage from Perkins
  • Whitewater To Welcome Macalester In First Round Of D3 Football Playoffs
    The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Warhawks are back in the NCAA Football Playoffs starting their quest for a sixth national title. UWW-TV is your place for first round action. The road begins this weekend as the 10-0 Warhawks welcome the 9-1 Macalester Scots. Kickoff is scheduled for 12:00pm
  • Warhawks Back at Perkins Stadium This Weekend
    Warhawk football is back at Perkins Stadium this weekend, and UWWTV has you covered. UW-Whitewater (8-0) will host the Pointers of UW-Stevens Point (6-2). Kick-off is scheduled for 1:00pm CDT. LIVE coverage from Perkins Stadium will begin at 12:30pm with Warhawk Sports Saturday. Channel location
  • UWWTV to Televise Battle for WIAC Volleyball Supremacy
    Tonight the 24-4 (4-1 in WIAC play) Stevens Point Pointers come to Russell Volleyball Arena to take on the 23-6 (5-0 in WIAC play) Warhawks of UW-Whitewater. LIVE coverage on UWWTV will begin at 7pm. Channel location for the game depends on where you live: Channel 100/100.1 on the UWW campus The
  • UWW-TV To Televise Homecoming Match Versus Rival Oshkosh
    Warhawk football is back at Perkins Stadium this weekend for UW-Whitewater Homecoming versus the Titans of UW-Oshkosh. Kickoff is at 1:00pm. UWW-TV’s LIVE coverage will begin at 12:30pm with Warhawk Sports Saturday and the game at 1:00pm. Channel location for the game depends on where you
  • The Bizarre Life of Brenda Bernard

    The Bizarre Life of Brenda Bernard

    Produced, directed and written by Kristin Pape, this unique comedy is based almost entirely on visuals, with little to no dialogue. Each episode follows oddball Brenda on her day-to-day adventures while living in an otherwise normal world.  Originally produced in spring of 2011, reruns of Brenda now make up part of UWW-TV’s comedy block.  

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  • Bob is a Jerk

    Bob is a Jerk

    Produced, directed and written by Alisha Heimstreet, this comedy features a single, 20-something man in a constant “inner war” with himself.  When Bob encounters any form of conflict, he retreats into his own mind where he is confronted by his two sides: the thoughtful gentleman, and the self-centered jerk.  In the end, it seems the jerk always wins out, and Bob often finds himself insulting those that get close to him,  or getting himself into even more trouble than when […]

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  • Chronicles of Wakeman Place

    Chronicles of Wakeman Place

    The Chronicles of Wakemen Place is a episodic drama in the vein of “The Twilight Zone” and “Tales from the Crypt.”  Produced by Alyssa Helmers and Riley Wiese, the series delves into the lives of the various residents of the street of Wakeman Place in Whitewater, and the odd stories of their lives.

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  • Dude Sessions

    Dude Sessions

    Dude Sessions is a comedy sketch show about a television network for dudes (No Bros Allowed). Coming from the mind of Nate Schlosser (This Just In), the show stars Schlosser, Adam DeBree, Austin Lloyd, and Justin Bartman, this sketch comedy series premiered in UWWTV in the fall of 2012.

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  • Hawk Talk

    Hawk Talk

    Hawk Talk returns to UWWTV this fall. One of WSUW-FM’s signature programs will be simulcast on UWW-TV. Every Monday though Thursday beginning at 5:00pm, the WSUW sports crew discusses the latest local, state and national sports news, complete with commentary and debate. Broadcast LIVE from the WSUW-FM studio.

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  • Here’s to the Bee

    Here’s to the Bee

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  • Issues and Ideas

    Issues and Ideas

    Stacia Kulakowski hosts this semester’s public affairs mainstay on UWW-TV. Issues addresses key issues surrounding the Whitewater campus community. Taped weekly in the UWW-TV studio.

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  • In Your Shoes

    In Your Shoes

    In Your Shoes is a new UWW-TV series created, produced and directed by Taylor Chobanian and Britta Thostrup that delves into the lives of different types of students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The producers spend a day with each subject filming their daily routines and discovering who they are. The only way to understand someone else’s life is to live a day in their shoes.

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  • Newsroom


    An award-winning production (WBA, 2010) originally from the mind of Jonathon Kelley, Newsroom is an improvised show set in a small-market television news station.  After the IBC (International Broadcasting Corporation) network requires all affiliates to produce an evening newscast, the tiny and nearly bankrupt station WJMK-TV out of Jefferson Falls, WI is left with no option but to assign all positions to college interns.  Five episodes were produced by Kelley in fall, 2009, and an additional four were added in spring, 2010, […]

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  • No More Ramen

    No More Ramen

    No More Ramen puts an end to your hunger pains by providing you with easy to make meals perfect for the college student on the go. Host and producer Andy Becker offers healthy delicious meals that anyone can make. This cooking series premiered on UWWTV in the fall of 2012.

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    Please Excuse Our Momentary Interruption Of Sports From Your Regular Daily Schedule begins season number eleven this spring with hosts Kalin Crampton and Joe Walsh. This program is your fix on the latest state and national sports debates.

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  • Rules of Life

    Rules of Life

    Created by Carrie Vigo, Rules of Life is a look inside the mind of our main character Carrie as she shares through a video blog the Rules of Life she has come to know thus far. This sketch comedy series premiered on UWWTV in the fall of 2012.

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  • Street Talk

    Street Talk

    Modeled after comedic on-the-street talk show segments, Street Talk with Stacia Kulakowski, is a man-on-the-street look at how the students of UW-Whitewater think and act when put on the spot. The show has a wide variety of topics that appeals to all audiences, with themes centered on sports, entertainment, campus and fashion. Host, Stacia Kulakowski, gets candid, up close and personal with one on one interviews, trivia questions, and games to get the inside scoop on what’s going on in the […]

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  • The 10

    The 10

    What are the most important or talked about stories affecting our students and community? Find out on The ten each week with Sarah Winkelman, Ashley Wolf and Kimberly Wethal.

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  • U Dub Dub In the House

    U Dub Dub In the House

    In The House examines the dorms students live in and how they make the space their own. Not only do you get to look at the space in which they live in, but also what brought them UW-Whitewater! Each episode shows different students and how they create a space that makes them comfortable. 

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  • The Unseen

    The Unseen

    The Unseen makes visible the dark undertones of every-day life that are constantly present, but often overlooked or hidden from the public. These undertones arise in a number of different situations, including everything from criminal acts to daily activities turn deadly without caution.

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  • UWWTV Internet News

    UWWTV Internet News

    Launched in the Fall of 2013, UWWTV Internet News are short clips with your Arts and Entertainment (A&E), Headlines and Sports News. Taped twice weekly in the UWWTV Studios.  

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  • Wake Up Whitewater

    Wake Up Whitewater

    The broadcast team of Abigail Hantke, Raquel Lampe, Aaron Payne and Alex Urban start your morning off with informative and entertaining news, commentary, and guest interviews surrounding the campus community.

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  • Warhawk Sports Saturday

    Warhawk Sports Saturday

    This year LIVE from Perkins Stadium Andy Mindham, Alex Urban and Andrea Sidlauskas will update you on everything Warhawk Football. Tune in a half hour before kickoff to catch Warhawk Sports Saturday!

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