Capstone Presentations (Electronic Media)

All Electronic Media students from the Department of Communication must successfully complete the (COMM 487) Electronic Media Capstone: Senior Project course, which meets each fall and spring semester.  The major assignment each student must complete is a final audio/video project that helps define what they have learned over the course of the college career, and involves a topic that has a special interest to that particular student.  At the end of each semester, the students enrolled in the class have the opportunity to present a portion of the final project to a public audience.

Many of the projects, primarily creative video and mini-documentaries, have the ability to be re-broadcast in their entirety on UWW-TV as part of the “Capstone” weekly television series, which airs at various days and times during the academic year. Links to projects that make up the “Capstone” library are below, with the corresponding semester the feature was originally presented.