What is UWW-TV?

UWW-TV provides news, sports, educational and original programming produced entirely by University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students. UWW-TV is part of the campus cable line-up and is located on channel 100.1 in high definition.


How can UWW-TV benefit me?

In addition to partnering with the UWW-TV staff on programming concepts, the staff is available to discuss video production needs you may have in relation to your residence hall activities, etc.

Feel free to contact Jim Mead, Director of Cable Television, concerning these opportunities.


How can I find out more about what’s on UWW-TV? Where can I find the UWW-TV and Classic Sports weekly television guides?

Television guides for each campus channel are sent via email by the beginning of the week to various department heads across campus and the community, including staff in University Housing; check with your complex director and assistant complex directors. You can be added to the mailing list by request. They can also be viewed at uwwtv.org under the Weekly Guide tab.


What services are provided by UWW-TV?

The UWW-TV staff produces programming strictly for channels 100.1 and 101.1. The choice of what events are covered and when falls under the UWW-TV Student Executive Staff, under advisement of the Director of UWW-TV and UWW-TV Program Director.

There are a number of other services on campus dedicated to video production unrelated to UWW-TV television programming. These include University Marketing and Communications, CoBE, or Video One Media Services.


Can I make a suggestion or request for a program or show idea that I would like to see on UWW-TV?

Absolutely YES! The UWW-TV staff makes every effort to serve the needs of the campus. If you have an idea for a show that you would like to see created, the first step is to contact Jim Mead, the Director of UWW-TV, AT (262) 472-5659, or email at meadj@uww.edu.


What if I am having issues with my cable television?

University Housing Technology (ResNET) handles all technical issues with the campus cable system. They can be contacted at 472-3233


Is a campus cable lineup available?

Yes, a complete channel lineup can be found here