Intramural Basketball Takes the Court!

Coming Up_IBB_03.15.2017

This Wednesday March 15, 2017, Intramural Basketball takes the court in the championship tournament. These games will be broadcasting LIVE on UWW-TV! The first game of the tournament has been cancelled, but the following game will begin at 7:05 pm CDT. The later games will commence at 8:10 pm and 9:15 CDT.

Channel location for the games depends on where you live:

Channel 100.1 on the UWW campus

Streamed LIVE in HD at

Digital Channel 989 for Charter customers


  1. Cheryl Strockis

    Hi….I would like to watch the last nights basketball 9:00 pm game…can u help me find it??? Hopefully it was recorded, thank you, Cheryl I would like to watch my son Frankie Hozeska play…I got his text about his game to late

    • Sorry for getting back to you so late, I believe we will re-broadcast the games on the UWW-TV stream one or two more times. The Stream link is here – You can also contact Jim Mead the Director of UWW-TV for exact information as to when it will be re-broadcasted. His email is here – Hope this helps!

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