Video One Media Services

Video One Media Services is a UW-Whitewater campus internship program that provides accomplished students the opportunity to enhance their college experience by working independently with real-world clients through all production phases of a project. In addition, this service provides clients with a local, affordable video production option to better enhance their media needs.

Video One Media Services is advised by a video production specialist on staff with over thirty years of professional experience in advanced production and post-production techniques, lighting, audio/video and specialty photography.  Geared toward on- and off-campus clients in southeastern/south central Wisconsin, the VOMS production team can provide quality service at a modest price.  To request more information, please contact Jim Mead, UWW-TV General Manager: 262-472-5659 or

Students have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art camera equipment and editing software, as well as access music and sound effect libraries like Soundsnap to enhance any project. Video One is the ultimate working experience for a student interested in advanced video production and developing existing written and oral communication skills, as well as understanding current media trends and considering alternative and diverse perspectives through field labor.