New Cable Television Programming coming to UW-WHITEWATER!

Starting this fall, UW-Whitewater will offer an all-digital line-up using the ClearQAM standard.  You do not need a cable box if you have a newer TV that has a ClearQAM(specs may indicate QAM, QAM-256 or ClearQAM) tuner.  If you have a newer TV and are unsure that it is digital, take a look at the remote and see if a button is there for dot(.), dash(-) or sub-channel.

If you have an older TV, you will need a digital tuner box.  You should be able to find a digital set-top box at a local electronics store.  Otherwise they may be purchased online.  We recommend the KWORLD tuner found here:

The new system will have 90+ digital channels with 50+ HD Digital channels, an 8 channel HBO line-up and networks such as LOGO, BBC America, ESPN U, ESPN Classic, Turner Classic Movies, NFL Network and MLB Network.

If you have questions, please contact the UWWTV office at 262-472-1332( or ResNET office at 262-472-3233(



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