UWW-TV is going HIGH-DEF!!

Technological improvements continue at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s campus cable station.  For years, the community has enjoyed broadcast coverage of our successful sports teams, important local news reporting, as well as a continuing expansion of student involvement in programming.

UWW-TV (Channel 100 on campus; Channel 96 in Whitewater; 989 in outlying Charter Cable areas) once again will be advancing. By the time the fall semester begins, UWW-TV will be shown in high definition…that means increased picture quality for all football, volleyball, basketball (just to name a few) games, the local news, and all new original student programs.

This is an exciting time for our university!!  We will be busy upgrading our studios to be ready for the transition.  Stay tuned for more updates and pictures as the summer progresses!


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