UWW-TV News Update – Chancellor Announces Campus Furloughs

The University of Wisconsin Whitewater is experiencing further adjust expenses in the next few months due to COVID-19. In a letter to faculty, staff, and students Chancellor Dwight C. Watson shared that the university has a deficit of nearly nine million dollars as the result of expenses and lost revenue.


Beginning May 1, the university is proceeding with two different staff unpaid furloughs over the course of the next year.  Some employees have been notified of a three-month furlough that is activated from the first week of May through August 1. The remaining employees will be expected to take a total of thirteen days of unpaid leave from May 1st, 2020 through June 30th, 2021.  Watson added in his memo that putting furloughs in place is the best way to get through this financial crisis rather than laying off the faculty and staff.  In addition, UW-Whitewater employees with unpaid leave will still receive their benefits and hold their position until it is safe to return to work.

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