UWW-TV Sports Announcers Score Again at WBA

UW-Whitewater students attended the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Student Seminar and Awards Presentation this past Saturday in Madison.


Sure, it’s becoming a habit, but sports broadcasters at UWW-TV are not complaining.

Every year except for one since 2006, UW-Whitewater has taken home the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association best in student sports play-by-play at the annual Student Seminar and Awards Presentation.  That means six first place awards in the last seven years….as of Saturday, make that seven out of the last eight.

Seniors Sean Tehan and Andrew Mindham were the recipients this time, and Tehan was in Madison to receive the plaque and certificates.  Ironically, Mindham needed to remain in Whitewater to broadcast the men’s first round NCAA playoff game that afternoon, which was going on at the same time.

Sean Tehan displays UWW’s Student Award for Excellence in television sports play by play. Tehan and fellow broadcaster Andy Mindham won the WBA award for 2013.


The students entered a clip from the football game broadcast this past fall between UWW and UW-Oshkosh, which was chosen as the best student performance in the state out of the other UW system schools and technical colleges who submitted material for the same category.

Carrie Vigo, Sean Tehan and Daniel Marz (not pictured) received a runner-up certificate for best student sports program from the WBA. The three students have been working on PEOMIOSFYRDS for the past two semesters.


Tehan, along with studio broadcast partner Daniel Marz and director Carrie Vigo also took home a runner-up certificate for their work on PEOMIOSFYRDS, a weekly sports talk show that UWW has been broadcasting since 2008.

In addition to the awards, students who attended the conference were introduced to a variety of local television and radio talent who offered professional advice; they included  several UWW alumni who made the trek to Madison despite their busy schedules.

Overall, it was a great conference and the students learned a great deal.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!

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