UWWTV Summer Update

The UWW-TV summer staff has been busy! There have been upgrades to 1207, 1207B, and 1214B in Andersen Library.


20140819_1115301207 and 1207B received different desks. 1207 is also home to four new iMacs to supplement the two iMacs that came over from the news room (1206), which is the new home Video One Media Services.  The new iMacs in 1207 will eventually host all four major editing systems – Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, Avid Media Composer, and Sony Vegas, along with a host of other creative programs including: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.20140819_112232

1214B will also look different to students when they return. A fresh coat of paint to the shelves and walls, along with some organization makes the Equipment Room  look like new. UWW-TV also acquired two more AVCAM 80’s and some modern LED remote light kits for student checkout.20140819_111019

Beyond updates to the rooms around UWWTV, work was conducted on the remote equipment, including a live test over at Perkins Stadium to ready for the 2014 Warhawk Football Season, which will kick off against Waldorf College on September 5, broadcast live on UWWTV! A new communication system was also installed in the remote equipment to help announcers, producers and camera people alike.





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