WIAC Softball Championships to be Held and Broadcast from UW-Whitewater.


As of April 29th, 2019 UW-Whitewater Softball will be hosting the WIAC Championship Tournament. The first three games have been announced for Friday May, 4th, 2019. First pitch is set for 10:00 am CDT with subsequent games to follow at 12:00 pm CDT and 2:00 pm CDT. The later two matches are subject to change.

UW-Whitewater as the standing regular-season champion and first seed in the tournament is entering the contest series this Friday with a WIAC record of 11-3. This record sets the team at a winning streak of seven. UW-Whitewater is currently sitting comfortably above it’s following seeds and will be looking to continue in the same fashion.

UW-Eau Claire stands alone in it’s second seed with a WIAC record of 9-4-1 and losing streak of two. This only puts the team a single win above the tied third and fourth seeds of UW-Platteville and UW-La Crosse.

As stated, UW-Platteville and UW-La Crosse are currently tied for the coming tournament at a WIAC record of 8-6. However, UW-Platteville has recently lost their last contest, while UW-La Crosse won.

Finally, UW-Oshkosh enters as the tournaments fifth seed with a WIAC record of 7-7 and a winning streak of two.

Friday’s leg of the tournament is a double elimination. This note will set to the tone for the rest of the weekend’s game play as the winner of the WIAC Championship Tournament will show their colors.

More details are to come with game progression for both Saturday and Sunday, but you will not want to miss the LIVE broadcasts of the 2019 WIAC Softball Championship tournament. Tune in to UWW-TV for all of the softball and WIAC action.


Channel location for the game depends on where you live:

Channel 100.1 on the UWW campus

Streamed LIVE in HD at reslife.uww.edu/stream

Digital Channel 989 for Charter customers

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