Cable Television Network Maintenance(periodic outages)

We will be doing some cable television network maintenance this week.

Work hours will be:
Monday 11pm to Tuesday 7am
Tuesday 11pm to Wednesday 7am
(if needed)Wednesday 11pm to Thursday 7am

During these times, we will be moving amplifiers out of the various signal holes around campus and into nearby buildings. Amplifiers take the incoming cable signal and boost it to make up for signal losses as the signal travels thousands of feet around campus. Theses amplifiers are in a chain format from Andersen Library to the Residence Halls so when we service one an outage for the whole campus is created. These outages may last about 30 minutes each and will continue through the night. Once we get to Tuesday or Wednesday, we will only have partial outages as we will have made it down Wyman mall to areas near our Residence Halls.

If you experience problems with the connection in your room or office after the maintenance hours, please contact ResNET at (262)-472-3233[].

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