City of Whitewater PSA on Street Obstructions

This public service announcement serves as a reminder that blowing or depositing grass clippings into any City street is prohibited.


Sections: 12.08.010 – Prohibited.

(a)No person, except as provided in Section 12.08.020, shall place, deposit, keep, or cause to be placed, deposited or kept in or upon any street, alley, gutter, sidewalk or public ground within the limits of this city any stone, brick, timber, lumber, iron, wood or other material for building, or any wood, snow, rubbish, earth, grass clippings or lawn debris, or anything or substance whatever; nor shall any person burn or cause to be burned any such substance in any public street or alley; nor shall any person leave any automobile, truck, trailer, equipment or other vehicle standing or parked in or upon any street, alley, sidewalk, or public ground so as to encumber the same, or so as to obstruct, impede, or hinder travel thereon; nor shall any person leave, or cause to suffer any box, barrel, crate, cask, bale, package, merchandise, or other thing to stand, be or remain upon any street, alley, sidewalk, gutter, or public ground longer than may be actually necessary for the act of delivering or receiving the same.

(b)Any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall forfeit and pay a penalty of not less than twenty-five dollars nor more than two hundred fifty dollars, together with the costs of prosecution.

(Ord. 983 §51, 1982; prior code §6.01(1)).

(Ord. No. 1759A, § 1, 2-16-2010)

For more information, contact the Department of Streets/Parks/Stormwater Utility at (262) 472-0560 or email at

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